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M Cube Studio offers a wide selection of high quality nail spa services from manicures and pedicure treatments to nail designs for special occasions. Our highly skilled nail technicians provide manicures and pedicure treatments including services such as: Plain colour shellac, swarovski crystals, stickers, custom designs and nail extensions.

mcube studio nail polishes

Pricing List

Plain colour shellac $70
Removal $15
Design $5
Swarovski crystal Small $3,Big $5,Diamond $25
Sticker From $5
Nail extension $90

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Our body treatments offer natural and non-invasive therapies for the face body, helping you to tone and refine your body shape and skin.

LPG provides 100% natural and efficient slimming solutions. It uses a patented endermologie treatment for cell stimulation and anti-ageing. An intelligent strategy in a no risk, no side effect battle to slow the effects of time. Its technologies helps with skin firming, body sculpting and stimulates the production of collagen – all without chemicals, side effects or invasive methods, making it safe for pregnant women. It helps to eliminate bloating during pregnancy, reduce stretch marks and sculpt post pregnancy. LPG has won Best Beauty Item 3 years In a row, and has been raved about by Vogue and ELLE beauty editors. It is deeply loved by women, Hollywood stars, and athletes all over the world.

No Side Effects

No Chemicals

Skin Firming

Body Sculpting

Pregnancy Safe

Stimulates Collagen Production

VITAL DOME, founded and manufactured in France, is an advanced infra-therapy ecosystem machine that uses pure ``far infrared`` to regenerate the body from within. It is absorbed by the human body to form a natural heat source, which achieves detoxification, provides oxygenation of tissues, reduction of edema, skin stimulation, physical and mental relaxation, anti-aging, weight loss, and improved sleep.
mcube vital dome treatment


Oxygenates Tissues

Reduces Edema


Promotes Weight Loss

Improves Sleep

Pricing List

Treatments Price
Endermolift-Lift and Collagen Facial Treatment $199
Endermolift-Anti-aging Replumpling Facial Treatment $199
Endermolift-Anti-aging Resculpting Facial Treatment $199
Endermolift-Anti-aging Toning Facial Treatment $209
Platinum Anti-Aging Facial Treatment $229
Brightening and Lifting Facial and Hand Treatment $239
Endermotherapie-Body Massage 30mins $149/Single   $1399/10Pack   $2399/20Pack  $5199/50Pack
Vital Dome
Treatments Price
Body Massage Traditional 30mins/45mins/60mins $69/$109/$139
Relaxing 30mins/45mins/60mins $79/$119/$149
Face Massage Ba-Jing Treatment 40mins $89

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Book an appointment today and let us transform your salon visit to an experience. You’ll leave feeling pretty on the outside and, more importantly, beautiful on the inside.


Join our fitness classes to get your body performing and looking its best.

M Cube Studio offers a wide range of fitness classes to meet all your needs. We have a team of qualified trainers specialising in Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Zumba. We aim to help you achieve the best results by providing small group exercise classes and personalised training. We care not only about your body, but also your soul.

With M Cube studio’s signature training programs for new and expectant mamas, involving safe and progressive exercises, it is time to get you back to your pre-pregnancy radiant self! Birth causes huge physical, mental and emotional changes for mums. It is important to understand these changes and take steps to re-establish pelvic floor muscles, core strength, and to prevent any problems that may arise, including lower back & neck pain, incontinence and more.

Come to M Cube Studio to reconnect with your body and calm your mind!

Strengthen Core

Prevent Lower Back and Neck Pain

Re-Establish Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pricing List

CLASSES PER CLASS/each person 10 PACK/each person 20 PACK/each person WEEKLY
Yoga / Mat Pilates / Barre / Zumba $35 $290 $550
Unlimited all classes Unlimited Yoga / Mat Pilates / Barre / Zumba $65 $65
Semi-Private/reformer for 2 persons $75 $690
Semi-Private/reformer for 3 persons $65 $560
Private $129 $1090

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Book an appointment today and let us transform your salon visit to an experience. You’ll leave feeling pretty on the outside and, more importantly, beautiful on the inside.


Our skin treatments offer natural and non-invasive therapies for the face and body, returning you to bright, firm and healthy skin.
Founded in 2004, MT Metatron is one of the pioneering anti-ageing skincare brands in Japan, trusted by dermatologists, cosmetic clinics and beauty salons. MT products contains the anti-ageing ingredient DMAE, advanced by Yale assistant professor and New York dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. As the leader in the field of anti-aging skin care, their mission is to challenge the concept of time and unleash the full potential of your skin.
POLA is one of Japan's premium cosmetics brands. It is the only skincare brand which won the highest award at the IFSCC association for 4 consecutive years. It has been the cosmetics brand of choice for the Japanese royal families for 80 years. With their unique remedial facial massage technique, everything from the therapist's sequencing to the amount of pressure has been extensively studied and refined.
PHYT’S is a pioneer in organic skincare and using the highest quality, sustainable raw materials since 1972. With over 46 years of passion and innovation, PHYT’S is certified COSMEBIO by QUALITE FRANCE – the Certifying Agency, recognised by the French Government and holding the strictest standards in organic certification.

These stringent quality standards guarantee natural cosmetics which only contain ingredients from organic and sustainable farms, with complete traceability of all the cosmetic raw materials and their manufacturing process. The COSMEBIO label is designed to protect both the consumer’s wellbeing and promote environmental sustainability at every stage if the manufacturing process.

PHYT’S is a world leader of Certified Organic Skincare, with every product, both for in-spa use and for the retail consumer holds the COSMEBIO Label which guarantees a Certified Organic Cosmetics.

Benefits of our
Skincare Treatments

Premium Cosmetic Brands

Trusted by Dermatologists

Anti-Ageing Pioneers


Environmentally Responsible & Sustainable

Pregnancy Friendly

Pricing List

Treatments Single Price
Japanese Deep Clean and Ultra Hydrate Treatment $169
Japanese Anti-Aging Treatment $239
Japanese Whitening and Bright up Treatment $239
Japanese Kick-Start Collagen Treatment-Sensitive Skin $239
Japanese Eye Treatment $149
Japanese Back Hydrating and Whitening Treatment $209
Treatments Single Price
Back BA Platinum Facial Treatment-Gesso $389
Back BA Platinum Facial Treatment-Whitening $389
Apex-Lift and Collagen Facial Treatment-Gesso $259
Apex-Anti-aging and Whitening Facial Treatment-Gesso $259
Apex-Acne and Moya Facial Treatment $259
Apex-Sensitive Skin Regeneration Facial Treatment $259
Treatments Single Price 10 Pack Price
Balancing and Nourishing-Equillibre Nourisant Facial Treatment $169 $1,599
Ultra Hydrating-Aquaphyts Facial Treatment $239 $2,259
Soin Energie Vitale-Oxygenating Facial Treatment $239 $2,259
Multi-Vita-Alchemy of Potent Vitamins, minerals and amino treatment $239 $2,259
Aromaclear-Anti-Imperfections Treatment $239 $2,259
Sensitive Repair-Hypoallergenic Facial Treatment $239 $2,259
Global Anti-Age-Panacee Facial Treatment $389 $3,659
Men’s Soin Eclat Immediat (instant radiance) Facial Treatment $239 $2,259
Hand Treatment $129 $1,219

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Book an appointment today and let us transform your salon visit to an experience. You’ll leave feeling pretty on the outside and, more importantly, beautiful on the inside.


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