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Our Story

Meet the founders: Annie, Shirley and Minya.

We first crossed paths as young and passionate students at the University of Sydney and we’ve been inseparable since. Fast-forward to today, the three of us are married to amazing partners and Annie and Shirley both have two wonderful children.

We began our friendship as 3 free individuals where the sky was our limit. But now our worlds revolve around our tiny humans and “adult” responsibilities. Each one of us experienced this transition and we all could agree it wasn’t easy emotionally, physically and mentally.

Self-care became a luxury yet we needed it to our core.

The three of us thought, “We can’t be the only ones experiencing this struggle. There has to be a solution.” So we went out there and took it upon ourselves to create our own solution.

M Cube was born out of our need for a one-stop safe haven where we can treat ourselves to self-care in beauty and wellness in the midst of our busy lives.

We hand-picked beauty treatments and fitness programs based on what we personally value and needed. 

Our skincare and luxurious body treatments are non-invasive and natural using top-of-the-line technology where quality is never compromised. We hold the same mentality for our Fitness programs with the goal to boost your overall wellness without making you feel overwhelmed.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studio, and hope it becomes a destination for you to escape, with mind, body and soul healing together.

Our Studio

Indulge yourself in our brand new, luxurious studio. Furnished in comfort and style and fitted out with our top-of-the-line equipment and range of skincare and products, you’ll feel like a pampered princess from the moment you walk in to the time you leave with radiant, glowing skin and a fresh manicure.


Address: 50 Hercules St Chatswood 2067

Phone: 02 80333898 | 0451129255